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Worship the glitch.

Boxcar Aldous Huxley
This journal has not been updated in years, and remains online for solely archival purposes.

23, adbusters, aeon flux, albert camus, aldous huxley, aleister crowley, alejandro jodorowsky, alex grey, ambient music, ant-zen, anton lavey, apogaea, artbyte, arthur kroker, artificial music machine, autonomedia, bacon, billboard liberation front, blade runner, bleep labs, boingboing, brion gysin, bruce sterling, burning flipside, burning man, catgirls, chuck palahniuk, chupacabra policia, circuit bending, conet project, conspiracies, cory doctorow, course of empire, creative commons, cryptozoology, ctheory, culture jamming, cyberpunk, daniel pinchbeck, darren aronofsky, dave mckean, david lynch, david thrussell, digital art, discordianism, disinfo.com, dissent, dorkbot, dr. tran, dream machines, dunny, electronic music, environmentalism, erik davis, existentialism, experimental music, fnord, found sound, friedrich nietzsche, fringeware, furby youth choir, gift culture, greg egan, guerilla ontology, h.p. lovecraft, hakim bey, harlan ellison, hunter s. thompson, hymen records, idm, immanentizing the eschaton, indymedia, inversion effect, j.g. ballard, jean baudrillard, jean-paul sartre, jeff noon, john shirley, jorge luis borges, lain, lars von trier, luke chueh, lysergic acid diethylamide, mad monkey records, mark dery, mark ryden, metarc, modulations, mondo 2000, mycology, n5md, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nettime, noam chomsky, noise, notenuf, ordo templi orientis, parepin, philip k. dick, philosophy, photography, pirate radio, plunderphonics, port lligat, postmodernism, power electronics, pr0n, relaxing into the abyss, remixes, richard kadrey, robert anton wilson, rudy rucker, salvador dali, sampling, sandy stone, scott bukatman, semiotext(e), sex, simulacra, skam, sleeping, society of the spectacle, solitude, soundscapes, speculative fiction, static storm system, steve erickson, surrealism, survival research laboratories, sushi, synaesthesia, synchronicity, synthetic pleasures, terry gilliam, the prisoner, thelema, thom yorke, thomas pynchon, time travel, timothy leary, transrealism, viridian design, voyeurism, warp records, william gibson, william s. burroughs, xeni jardin, zodiac killer,